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Skill & Technology

Utilizing the Latest Dental Technology for Comfortable Care.

Knowledge and technology continue to increase at an incredible rate, giving rise to new and better treatment methods – and we’re committed to keeping up to date. That’s why all staff members at Waddell Restorative Dentistry undergo continuing education on the latest advances in the industry.

It’s also why our Germantown, TN dental practice is fully digital. From x-ray and 3D imaging, to crowns and teeth-straightening, “all digital” makes the process quick, easy, and precise. That means improved comfort and convenience for you and better results for your beautiful smile!

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Just a few examples of our dental technology:


Instead of the old-fashioned, painful syringe, we use a precise, computer-controlled system called “The Wand” for injecting anesthetic. The benefit for you is greater comfort!

Anesthesia from Waddell Restorative Dentistry in Germantown, TN.

Digital X-Rays

With our digital radiography technology, the digital sensor takes high-quality images, available for display instantly – no film, no labs, no waiting! Our cone beam CT machine provides 3D images for diagnosis and placement of dental implants.

Digital x-rays at Waddell Restorative Dentistry in Germantown, TN.

Straightening Teeth

Our almost undetectable invisible aligner system gives excellent results, subtly straightening your smile and aligning your bite with no metal wires or brackets required!

Teeth straightening at Waddell Restorative Dentistry in Germantown, TN.


Our CEREC technology allows us to produce made-to-fit, high-tech ceramic crowns while you wait. This means that in most cases, you can forget about impressions, temporary crowns, or repeat visits!

It takes only 15 to 20 minutes for your crown to be custom-milled right in our office. CEREC crowns closely match the natural color of your teeth, so they will blend in seamlessly with your smile.

Digital Bite Analysis

Imbalances in your bite can cause difficulty with chewing as well as teeth clenching/grinding and soreness around the mouth and jaw. Digital bite analysis allows us to get an accurate measure of your bite, to determine if there are any imbalances due to previously placed crowns or fillings or the alignment of your smile.


Our office uses the VELscope® system. It is one of the most advanced aids in the early detection of oral cancer and gum tissue changes. Early detection is essential for the best chance for treatment success.

For more information about our state-of-the-art technology, or to schedule an appointment, contact us today by calling or texting us at 901-756-8855!

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